Autumn Schooling. Activities for learning.


It seems like a bit of a cheat, but yes you can do a huge amount of learning out in the open air and enjoying this golden autumn weather. Here are some ideas:

  • collect beautiful autumn leaves in as many different shapes and sizes as you can. Use them to learn about different categories and type of leaf and tree (Key Stage 2), press them, make a collage, paint them – all art projects or sensory support.
  • cooking from the hedgerows. Ramble and collect blackberries, late raspberries and cooking apples. Use them to cook a delicious crumble. There’s your PE, OT and practical maths!
  • as the evenings get darker, but it is still warmish, think about making a moth trap, using a site such as but traps don’t need to be complicated. Identify different species, look at patterns and shapes. Key Stage 2 Science, possibly some Design and Technology, art or a launch into a story, poem etc using descriptive language.
  • Little girl with fall flowers, haybale and pumpkin


    Pumpkin carving! Join a local children’s activity! Often they hold sessions at National Trust properties, local garden centres or farm shops. Good for hand eye coordination, and you can eat the leftovers – make pumpkin pie etc. Keep the seeds and you can plant your own next year.

  • Dare I say conkers! Drilling holes and threading yourself (be careful!), learn the rules of the game – practice writing and drawing skills.
  • Autumn scavenger hunt- for all ages, draw or write the things they need to find. Award prizes.
  • When you have collected items you could make a sensory bin. Dig into this and feel the crunchy leaves, the shiny conkers, the smooth apples etc. Great for sensory support.
  • Websites to plunder:
  • Nature Detectives has puzzles, games and activities for ages 0-6 plus.

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