Winter Treasure Hunt!

Squirrel Sunhill2013 02 18_0013 (1)As promised here is an activity to get everyone out of the house and rosy cheeked! It will provide sensory stimulation as well as some good exercise!

Choose a local park or wood for your hunt, or even a large garden or leafy street or lane.

Supply a treasure hunt list with the following items listed, drawn or both.


A conker, acorn or pine cone

A flower

A berry

A  brightly coloured leaf (not green or brown)

Something that smells!

A feather

Something silver or white

Something gold

A holly leaf

add anything of your own, or something you know you will find locally.

You might want to make a scoring system and award more points for the harder items to find. If your child/ren enjoy being competitive award a small prize.

Otherwise coming home to a mince pie, and a hot berry cordial or tea might be nice. You could use the items you have found to make a collage or sensory bin.file9121287699117

You could also use the leaves to make leaf prints or talk about leaf classification, or deciduous and evergreen plants/trees. Use the feather to talk about birds that migrate/overwinter in this country, and maybe the idea of silver and gold/treasure as a link into the Christmas Story and especially that of the Three Kings or Magi. There are so many lovely connections to make here.

Happy hunting!


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