Getting fitter in 2016!

Without the compulsory playtime that he would have had at school, by November last year I was getting increasingly concerned about keeping my son, (let alone myself!), fit and active. When the weather was good last year we were out and about all the time, with some lessons such as science positively lending themselves to work and activities outside, and my son loved to skateboard and scooter in between lesson times.

Spring - Autumn 2012 026

However, now, because he has asthma and he finds it physically unpleasant to go out in the cold/wind, his natural inclination seems to be to hibernate and watch You Tube!  He was starting to be of the mindset that if it’s wet or cold “I can’t go out in that!” said with a tone of voice that implied we were asking him to do something completely unreasonable and indeed dangerous!

To overcome this, talking through his concerns was important, and making sure that he had his inhaler with him when he was outdoors, and other comforting items that he finds help his anxiety. Also, I determined to timetable at least  one activity into the day, every day.

I can’t say that with all the changes to schedule in the weeks coming up to Christmas, that we achieved this, so it is definitely one of my 2016 resolutions to keep this up!

Here are some of the ideas that I have used with our son that have worked with a reluctant exerciser. Do you have any tips/ideas?

  • joining the local gym with a parent/child membership deal
  • resurrecting Wii sports and wintersports
  • digging out (and using) the exercise bike and fitness equipment
  • cycling/scootering when better weather, and to get to lessons/appointments
  • beach-combing
  • looking for mushrooms and fungi (fits in with the Year 6 Science syllabus)
  • beach seaweed survey
  • learning some basic yoga poses and stretches (also good for de-stressing)
  • going to the indoor skatepark
  • planting late bulbs, learning how to take plant cuttings, cutting back trees and bushes
  • putting up a darts board in the garage
  • playing table tennis  (you can improvise on the kitchen table)
  • going to the pool. At lunchtime or early bird here it is quieter and cheaper
  • going bowling or to indoor play areas or ball pits
  • playing footie!




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