Do home schooled kids miss out on socialisation?

Books on the shelf at local library.

This was probably our biggest concern when we took our child out school, and the one raised the loudest by our nay sayers!

But you know what I say now? WRONG! RUBBISH! AND ACTUALLY VERY WRONG!

Because our child was so tired before, during and after school, due to the stress of managing at school and holding it together, he really was not able to socialise much at all beyond school, except a little at weekends. Sound familiar? There was also the hair tearing out, and screaming pressure of trying to insert homework into his precious evenings.

Now, however, working intensively yet flexibly at home, we are usually finished with the “formal” learning by 2.30, and after a break and a snack, he is ready to meet up with friends. “After school” he now attends a car repair club with lots of adults and teenagers one night, and on other nights does swimming and code club, both in a group of 12.

As part of his school day he does drumming and guitar lessons, and a Pilates session, so that with his other tutors he interacts with 6 different adults who are very positive role models. We go to the library, shops and bank etc. to practice social skills during the week when it is quieter. With any of his free evenings he is out skateboarding, long boarding and scootering and has made lots of new friends at the skatepark, who are equally obsessed with his interest.

So our experience is that he is now actually getting a huge amount more socialisation of different positive types than he was when he was at school. He has more energy, confidence, and is much more outgoing. We also hope to link up with some other home schoolers over the coming months and share some learning experiences.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences and especially of joining other home schooling groups.


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