My home school kid is anxious.

file0001682378985My home school kid is an anxious one. When we started home schooling him, his anxiety decreased on a daily basis, by keeping to timetable and a clear structure, with plenty of breaks for processing and snacks!! He has also been hugely helped by taking well regulated medication.

However, it doesn’t take much for that anxiety to ramp up again, and sometimes spill over into angry rages. A few too many changes in a day, or a trip to the GP or hospital will definitely do it.

He has had a lot of support from Camhs, but nothing that has been very effective. Here are my top 3 strategies that have worked, and that you can incorporate into your home school day:


  1. Reflexology and massage. You don’t have to be an expert, just work gently into the feet or shoulders especially. Firm pressure might work better for some kids. You can incorporate this into some down time, or while doing quiet reading.
  2. Reflection, whilst working creatively on an art project or listening to music etc. What has worked or not worked when they feel worried/ triggered an episode? Often a child can develop their own coping strategies and ideas.
  3. Using a workbook in lesson time to structure the way you talk about feelings and emotions, and how to handle them. I can’t recommend highly enough Creative Coping Skills for Children. Emotional Support through Arts and Crafts Activities. Bonnie Thomas, and Exploring Feelings. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy To Manage Anxiety. Dr Tony Attwood. Both are very user friendly and you can pick and choose which topics may be helpful.

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