5 ways to prevent burn out as a home schooling parent.

file00010762559771.make sure you keep moving!  Get outside whenever possible to get exercise, fresh air and vital vitamins and minerals and lots of feel good endorphins. You can do this as part of your home school day…

Look for learning opportunities outside, such as seed and bulb germination/growth. Garden together to grow your own fresh food, make wildlife habitats, bird feeders. Put up play equipment in your outdoor space if possible such as a basketball hoop, swingball, trampoline. Eat outside the food that you have made earlier, now that the weather is finally warming up. It can be much more relaxing and earthing to be outside, and  studies have shown that children learn well outdoors, especially boys.

2. Indoors, your special needs kid will probably need some OT or specific exercise. Join in!

Teaching vital skills for life? Are you including how to relax? Try introducing basic yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Great for both your kids and yourself.

Yoga 1

3. Eat as well as you can, to support your immune system and  nurture yourself and your child. Incorporate this into your school day by making healthy smoothies, juices or soups together. Recently, I got my 11 year old to devise a way of recording how much fruit and veg everyone ate per day, and we all took part in the “7 a day challenge”, upping our energy levels and Vit C intake significantly.

Grilovani Pikovice

4. Make time for yourself a priority, time table it into your day if necessary. This is not selfish but essential. If you don’t recharge your batteries regularly you won’t be able to support anyone else. Regular time out to enjoy hobbies or meet new people is essential.5. Share with friends and neighbours. Ask for support and accept it- very hard this one!

Seek out other home schoolers if you are not already part of a network. They will understand the challenges that you have, and you may be able to exchange support and ideas with them.

Seek counselling support if necessary. It is extremely tough work, both mentally and physically being both a carer and teacher. It can be really helpful to talk to someone who is not part of your immediate situation.



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