De-mob happy?! It’s nearly the end of term!

rainbowI find I’m approaching the end of term with a mixture of glee and sadness.

Glee, because our (Year 6) son has done really well in his studies this year and grown hugely in confidence. He is teaching himself Science now! and after having no confidence at all in the subjects is working to Secondary School level in IT and Maths.

On a practical level I am gleeful because our home will soon be ours again to chill out in, rather than part time school house, which has to be tidy when tutors and support workers come in. We can get up late, eat when we want and not be ruled by the timetable on the whiteboard!

I feel sad that I will not be teaching him very much any more, and I didn’t expect to say that! In September he will start flexi schooling at our local Secondary School. I will really miss that day to day interaction and care for my child. The capacity to build on and develop his interests. Together we have learnt some Japanese, Greek and Spanish, had some fab field trips including to Roman remains and Rope Factories,made sushi, caramel, clay Aztec masks, and taken on some African Land Snails!

I am also sad that he will not be celebrating the transition, as his Primary School friends are, with trips, leaver’s disco’s, parties and photos. It seems that the end of Year 6 here is becoming almost as important as the end of GCSE’s and Prom nights.

So, we have decided to have a trip of our own to an Air Museum and are going to hold an end of term BBQ in the garden for some of his old and new friends. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!


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