30 Days Wild 2017

Love, love, love, this initiative from The Dorset Wildlife Trust  dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk

They send you a calendar, stickers etc and challenge you to do 30 acts of random wildness in June! So far we have rescued a bumble bee that got stunned by heavy rain and collected sycamore “helicopters” to revise seed dispersal, and to dry out for some fun later. It can be something as small as this, or much bigger like a nature walk identifying the plants and insects on their challenge sheet for example. Use your imagination. Make up your own chart and challenges. Have some fun in the big outdoors.

Raining again this morning, so we researched St Johns Wort, to identify out and about later. Tomorrow we are going to plant some seeds and go on a river walk. @30 Days Wild.


DSC_0113 (1)


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