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Our Home Schooling Team includes, of course, our 10 year old son, who is adopted and has Aspergers, with particular sensory challenges and some developmental and physical difficulties. Me – Mum. I was a Secondary School teacher, now a children’s writer and daytime home schooler, and  Hubbie – who is a busy Solicitor and evening PE teacher. We are very lucky to have gained support from our local Learning Centre, and a lovely tutor who teaches our son Maths, and another fabulous teacher who delivers some specialist English and Science once a week.

Spring - Autumn 2012 312

We embarked on our home schooling journey 6 months ago, but in a way I feel as if we have been preparing to do this all along. Our experiences as our son grew, gained a diagnosis and experienced several school settings, made us certain about our choice and the style of our home schooling. Despite our initial concerns and many obstacles along the way, this has been the happiest educational experience of our son’s life. He gains in confidence and ability every day, working in an environment where he is comfortable and appropriately supported. He is following his interests avidly and developing new ones. Subjects such as maths and history which he hated, he is now doing really well in, and where he would not even attempt writing he is now printing and enjoying writing exercises and patterns.

This blog is for those of you who are thinking about home schooling your special needs child, or who have chosen that path. It is my strong contention now that home schooling is not to be feared if you have a SEN child, but a very viable and even optimal choice.

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