5 ways to prevent burn out as a home schooling parent.

file00010762559771.make sure you keep moving! ¬†Get outside whenever possible to get exercise, fresh air and vital vitamins and minerals and lots of feel good endorphins. You can do this as part of your home school day… Continue reading


Burnt out parents!

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I had it all planned out. An extended Easter break. We were all very tired and needed to re-charge our batteries. We had a week in Cornwall, a week with family and last week my son was on the Horse Course (more of this fab scheme later). We had plenty of sunshine, too much chocolate, caught up with friends, and relaxed?….well no, not really. Continue reading


My home school kid is anxious.

file0001682378985My home school kid is an anxious one. When we started home schooling him, his anxiety decreased on a daily basis, by keeping to timetable and a clear structure, with plenty of breaks for processing and snacks!! He has also been hugely helped by taking well regulated medication.

However, it doesn’t take much for that anxiety to ramp up again, and sometimes spill over into angry rages. A few too many changes in a day, or a trip to the GP or hospital will definitely do it.

He has had a lot of support from Camhs, but nothing that has been very effective. Here are my top 3 strategies that have worked, and that you can incorporate into your home school day: Continue reading


Do home schooled kids miss out on socialisation?

Books on the shelf at local library.

This was probably our biggest concern when we took our child out school, and the one raised the loudest by our nay sayers!

But you know what I say now? WRONG! RUBBISH! AND ACTUALLY VERY WRONG!

Because our child was so tired before, during and after school, due to the stress of managing at school and holding it together, he really was not able to socialise much at all beyond school, except a little at weekends. Sound familiar? There was also the hair tearing out, and screaming pressure of trying to insert homework into his precious evenings. Continue reading


5 reasons to home educate your special needs child

IMG_77821.Because you know your child best. Simple as this sounds, it is important to give yourself credit for this. If your child’s needs are not being met at school and you, like us, have tried everything you can think of to resolve any issues/difficulties here, you are actually the best person to source or provide the support he/she needs. You will already know how they learn best, what their strengths are and their triggers. You have all their reports and plans and you will have a great deal more time than the average SENCO to implement them. Continue reading


January blues?

IMG_20160129_171441My son has been poorly this week, so just some gentle reading, reflexology and games. However, today he wanted to cook, and here we have it ….a vanilla, peppermint, BLUE cake!